Saturday, September 1, 2007

Finally got some time to blog....

Can't believe I've actually got some free time so I can update this much neglected blog. I spent this afternoon tidying up my craft room after getting another shelf from bunnings. Now it's all reorganised and tidy again I just love being in here by myself.... I just want to sit in here and plan some designs or scrap a bit or even just play around on the computer.

I haven't really done a lot of scrapping since I went to the SBC retreat in July..... just a bit of digi stuff.

I'm slowly getting the hang of different functions in photoshop. I took the laptop & external HD to night shift the other week and found it so easy to do some digi stuff during quite periods with out having to lug a heap of scrap stuff with me into work.

I bought a bind-it-all machine when SBC had a 30% off one item sale. So far I've only used it the once but just love it. I've got plans to make a heap of things with it. I plan on making calendars as chistmas presents this year. I made an art journal by cutting up a cheap A3 sketch book.

Well my baby boy turned 14 last week. Can't believe that it's been 14years already since I first became a mother. Time surely flies. We all went out to Lone Star for his birthday dinner and his girlfriend Sheridan came along as well. She is actually a nice kid(despite all the dramas a couple of weeks ago) and she is besotted with Brady. Don't know how long their little relationship will last but at least he's still getting on with homework etc.

They make a nice looking couple but it's hard to believe that they are only 14 when they both look a lot older in this photo.

I went to a stampin' up party at Sue's the other week. I was really surprised at how lovely all the stuff was. I ended spending far more than I had planned to and am now having a party of my own next Saturday. Should be fun as I haven't seen some of the people who are coming for a while so it will be nice to catch up with them.

That's about all for tonight.

Terri xxx

Thursday, August 23, 2007

WARNING.... Long Post Ahead

It has been ages since I've had the time or inclination to update my blog. Heaps has happened over the last few weeks.

* Brady's girlfriend and her best friend (which happens to be an ex of Brady's) disappeared after school Friday week ago. It was pretty frightening as noone knew where they were, if they'd been abducted or had run away and if they ran away...why? We had the police and Sheridan's dad on the phone obviously distressed. Brady was also upset as he had no idea where the girls were. Sheri rang our house last Tuesday night. I was able to talk to her but couldn't get her to say where she was. I then had Brady ring a number she had given him the next day and convinced her to let me pick her up and bring her to my house..... that way I thought she'd be at leats safe and then her dad had a better way of trying to communicate with her. Thankgod it all worked out in the end and she went home the next day. The police interviewed her at our home and finally located the friend the next day. Her dad was so grateful and I was given a pamper voucher for a massage & facial and Brady got a game traders voucher., which was very nice and not the reason we had helped. I'd like to think if my child was in trouble then a responsible adult would help him. The girls ran away as they had got caught writing on the girls bathroom door and were going to be suspended from school. I said this when Brady got suspended for dacking a kid earlier this year and I'll say it again..... if the school would ring the parents when things happen then maybe these girls wouldn't have been so scraed and ran away. Also the other girls boyfriends mother knew they had run away and had helped them hide from the police & their parents..... that is just so disgusting and I believe she is in a bit of trouble as a result.... and so she should be.

* Kiara dance in eisteddford at the gold coast on the weekend. The danced really well, but on got a highly commended for the tap number. They are just improving all the time. She and her friend Maddie are now going to start doing duos next semester. We couldn't believe how in synch they dance together. Should be fun as Maddies mum & I get on really well and have the same opinions when it comes to dance etc.

* Mark has been doing so much overtime at the moment that we hardly ever get to see each other. The money has been handy as we've had so many extra bills and are going away on holidays in about two weeks time. I can't wait. I have so much to do before we go but it will be worth it. Mum & dad are going to mind the kids so we'll have a stressfree fortnight at the Whitsundays and Airlie Beach.

* We bought a new Canon400d digital SLR camera with twin lenses. Can't wait to play with it while we are away. Will most probably take me awhile to get the hang of it though. We bought a 2G card with it and when we got it home the shop had left a 1G card they'd been using in it so we got a bonus there.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Scrappin' Pj Party

Had Milly, Jo and Rachel over on Friday night for a scrappin Pj party. Just thought we could be all comfy in our Pj's. We had a great night. I got a couple of L/O's done. I'll have to take piccies of them later. Also ate too much junk food and had a great big gossip session. The girls left at about 2am. Always enjoy having the ladies over for a scrap night.

Sunday saw Jo and I head off down the coast. We went to the Cararra markets and then shopping at Pacific Fair. I was so excited to get some roller skating shoes for Kiara's up and coming birthday. They look like joggers but have inbuilt skating wheels in the soles. She's always wanted a pair. I got them for $40. I can't wait to give them to her on her birthday. Jo bought a beautiful pearl necklace for herself. It is so pretty and she's so excited about it. We also tried on formal dresses for the up & coming SBC ball in November. Found a gorgeous red gown. Can't wait for that night. We had the best day.... no kids, no men!!!!!

Have to go Mark'sput dinner on the table.

Terri xx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mum - 2007

Another digi L/O. This is my mum. I've used elements from the following digi designers:-

* Lori Wiley, Tracey Ann Robinson & Miranda Reinhardt (Scrapbook Bytes)
* Christina Renee & Corina Neilson (Funky Playground Designs)
* Carla Gibson (Designs in Digital).

A Moment in Time

After spending a whole day cataloguing all my digi elements I made this L/O. It's one of my favourite picture of my two Kids taken while we were on holidays at my parents house a couple of years ago.

I've used digi elements from the following designers:-
* Tracey Ann Robinson (scrapbook bytes)
* Corina Neilson (funky playground designs)
* Lori Wiley (scrapbook bytes)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can't think of a title

Thought I should post something here. Doesn't time just fly by. Home has been hectic as usual. Mark worked 15 shifts in 14 days and I worked heaps of overtime so we haven't had much of a chance to get anything done. Kiara had a dance eisteddford on the weekend which was a long but enjoyable day. They danced really well. Got to perform new routines for the first time and wear new costumes. We weren't allowed to take photos unfortunately.... not even if the change rooms so have no pics I can post. The competition was tough but they still managed a highly commended for the jazz routine.

I've been trying to get to the gym regularly. Really trying to get fit and lose weight. I love pump and step classes. Was meant to go this morning but then found out SAM was having a clearance sale 50-75% off. So of course I just HAD to ditch the gym and go didn't I? Managed to get some nice things and good bargains. Just have to find some room in my already overcrowded craft studio.

Haven't had much of a chance to scrap or so lately. I did get last weeks challenge at Scrapbook City completed though.

I also made a quick little BTP item. This is to put the remotes for my tv and DVD player in my craft room. The base is a wooden cutlery drainer I bought at IKEA for $2.95 for another project I was going to do. I really like this little remote control holder and it was so quick to do as well.

That's about it from me for the moment.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time to Catch Up.

Thought it was about time I wrote down what's been going on around here. Heaps has happened so will put it in bullet form.

* Brady came off his pushbike and broke his arm so now is in plaster.
* Brady got spear tackled at school by some kid mucking around and ended up with a massive lump on his head and another trip to the doctors. The other kids got suspended fro 3 days.
* Kiara performed with her dance school at an exhibition at Forest lake last weekend. Did well.... new dances & costumes. I was exhausted as she had 6 costumes changes ina very short space of time. We are off to the Gold Coast Eisteddford next Saturday. Very long, tiring Day ahead of us.
* Mark completed his security Licence and passed. He'll be now working mainly as security at the hospital as well as some orderly shifts. His in the process of deciding whether or not to apply to join the police force next year. Just needs to get his eye sight cleared first as he was mugged and robbed some years back and sustained a significant eye injury. I really hope that he does. He's lost over 25khs and 32cm off his waist and his confidence is just soaring at the moment. It is so good to see.
* Also found out that Mark is going to need reconstructive surgery on his left ankle. He has split and torn some tendons and has bone fragments floating around. It will require 6 weeks in plaster and then another few weeks off work. Just trying to work out the best time to get it done as we have booked to go to the Whitsundays in September and he has a big fishing trip planned. he may try & hold off until November.... just depends how long he can stand the pain. he's had a sore ankle for a few years now but can't remember actually injuring it. The surgeon said that it won't affect his ability to join the police force if he decides to go ahead.
* I've joined the gym and have spent this week pumping, stepping and balancing my way to fitness. Brady is going with me.... pretty funny watching him trying to master a step class last night.
* I've been working heaps and haven't had any time to really scrap or sew.... hence my business is at a standstill. The ideas keep coming just not enough hours in the day to get it all down. Hopefully after September life will slow down and I can get it all going again. My problem is that I want to have a go at everything. I'll be in the middle of one project and then see something else I want to try.... I've always been like it.
* I've started work on my Scrapbooking Memories masters entry. Still not sure if I will actually finish and enter this year or not. I bet I end up rushing around like an idiot at the last minute and entering any way.

That's about it from me for this post.
Terri XXX